All this bad blood here, won’t you let it dry? 
/ All of your flaws and all of my flaws
/ But oblivion is calling out your name

22nd July { 41 } mercedene
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ok off 2 my last guitar lesson hahaha lets pray i dont burst into tears

update: i did not cry

aND WE’RE ALLOWED TO BRING A FRIEND TO THE FESTIVAL ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell y eah hell yeah fucking right


Five words to describe your present mood?
Nervous, nervous, nervous, nervous, nervous”

Bastille Challenge: 4/6 songs → ❝Oblivion❞



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”Hit shuffle on your iPod, media player, or phone and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass it on to 10 people.
One Rule: No Skipping.”

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I don’t even know what I’ve created but I kind of HAD to do something… 

Sophie Turner in Oblivion by Bastille


Are you going to leave a path to trace?

Anonymous sent:
u rock my socks